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Sandra Molies
thinking Partner


While I was on a quest to discover how we can recover our connection to our native intelligence, I learned about Time to Think, a coaching framework that teaches us to think for ourselves, by harnessing the remarkable repository of knowledge and creativity within our brain. Great philosophers, intellectuals and visionaries have awakened their ability to retrieve information and ideas from their subconscious mind, and their higher intelligence. The Time to Think method allows all of us to do that.


As a certified Time to Think coach, I create an environment that encourages clients to listen to their inner voice so that they can access solutions to professional or personal challenges. Guided thinking is designed to circumvent the ego, which is based upon cultural programming; to achieve a higher level of consciousness. It is exciting to witness the transformation that occurs, when we realize that we can find the most constructive answers to our questions by simply learning to take time to think. 


I am a multi-cultural psychologist, a certified Time to Think coach, and a certified Narrative Therapy coach. I was raised in the Southwest of France, I moved to the U.K. to teach French and to study psychology and social science. My family and I currently live in Sevilla, Spain. I am fluent in English, Spanish and French and I can work with clients in any of these languages.

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