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Thinking Sessions

How do Thinking Sessions work?

Before starting a Thinking session, I organise a free thirty minute chemistry session to get to know each other, and to understand what you want and what you expect from your Thinking Sessions.

If we then decide to work together, we can decide which formula best suits your needs:   

formal sessions once, twice or four times per month or a mix of organised and 'on call sessions'.

A few days before the first session, I will provide a free ‘Time to Think’ online Assessment to help you familiarise yourself with the Thinking environment. This assessment is not compulsory, but it is there to help you get acquainted with the Thinking Session process.

A Thinking Session usually lasts 1 hour. The first session starts with a “contract” where I will describe what the session will look like. During this first 15 mins of our first session, we can also discuss the results of your Time to Think assessment and the questions it generated.

The remainder of the session is up to you. You guide the thinking session entirely, I will only prompt or ask questions when necessary, and take notes for your feedback after the session. 

At the end of a Thinking session, we have 5 minutes of 'appreciation time' where I tell you the qualities I appreciate in you as a person that your thinking revealed. You will have the opportunity to give your honest impression of the session. This usually helps you to leave a session feeling empowered, valued, and heard.

A few days after the session I can send you feedback on the session, putting your own thoughts and words into a framework and adding some resources to help you continue to find answers.

I may also give you some ‘homework’, a few short questions about a podcast or an article designed to help continue your thinking practice before our next session.

Unlock your hidden potential

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