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Thinking Sessions


What is your goal whilst doing these sessions?
My goal is to create a unique, safe, and caring place and to provide my full and dedicated attention to ignite your Independent Thinking. The promise of not interrupting someone’s thought can feel daunting to start with, but it is very liberating when one embraces the process. My only expectation is that you come to the session with, if not enthusiasm, then a certain curiosity.

It seems that the client does all the work and you just sit there and listen. Or, did I miss something?
No, you are entirely right. You bring the question and work to find an answer within an open and reassuring space. The Thinking coach’s value is to construct an environment that incorporates and is founded in 10 components and behaviours that encourage your uninterrupted Independent Thinking.

When was the last time you had the undivided attention of someone who promised not to interrupt your thinking?

What makes Thinking sessions different from the other types of coaching out there?
Firstly, and most importantly, this type of coaching is not based exclusively on you reaching goals or setting goals. The thinking coach's role is to help you think for yourself, without any external distraction. Secondly, the Thinking coach is more of a facilitator (not an expert) who promotes a relationship based on equality and respect. Finally, the promise of not interrupting and waiting to be invited before talking is completely unique to this method, and crucially puts the emphasis on your power to think through your own issues and realise your own ability to change.


What if I feel uncomfortable talking all the time?
At the beginning it can feel awkward to hear ourselves think aloud, but if you accept this part of the process it can feel really validating and powerful. You will also learn to make peace with your silent thinking and the release of painful emotions. You will soon understand the power of your silences and emotional release and your ability to unblock the thinking process.


It can be seen as a lot of pressure to be able to produce deep intellectual thoughts…
During the chemistry session, you will explain what you expect from these sessions and if we agree to work together, we always start from that point. Nobody is expected to produce “deep intellectual thoughts” or come to profound realisations. As long as you agree to let your mind be free, the mind will explore the different options naturally when given the space and support to do so.


What gives you the most satisfaction from your sessions?
My favourite part of Thinking sessions is those “aha” moments, when the magic happens and the mind finds the answer to a question or a problem someone has been battling with. I also feel rewarded when the client becomes aware of and proud of the progress they made in their thinking, rather than remaining focused on a particular goal.


Who do you like working with and why?
In the contracting part of the session, I often say that I welcome you and all parts of you. That means that you can bring all parts of your identity to the session. As long as you are happy to bring a question about something you want to change about yourself and you are happy to let your mind be free, you are welcome. Clients who want to play the “blame game” will not find the session fulfilling, and those who want detailed guidance on how to behave are also not likely to get much from the sessions - without accepting your own obstacles and your own value it will be a very difficult session for both of us!


Can you describe more about the feedback that you give?
During our sessions, if you wish, I take notes of what has been said and then put an order to the thoughts and feelings that came up during the session. These notes highlight your limiting beliefs and your liberating ones in your own words. They also include some suggested resources that can help you to continue your thinking, and some ‘homework’ questions about an article or podcast to help you progress with your thinking.


What are your unique strengths as a Thinking coach?
Having lived in 3 countries, I often question habits, beliefs, behaviours. Are they innate? Are they cultural? Therefore, I hope that I display a special blend of flexibility, benevolent curiosity and authentic care that can feel appealing. I can  work in English, French or Spanish.

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