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Time to Think

Sandra Molies

"Stop telling people what to think. Instead we need to ask”

Loran Nordgren 


Unlocking your Potential...

As a certified Time to Think coach, I help female leaders to see what they are capable of, personally and professionally. I use a special blend of flexibility, benevolent curiosity and authentic care that encourages clients to uncover assumptions that hinder growth. I work in English, French and Spanish. 

Unlock your potential 

Common Professional Objectives
explored within Thinking Sessions


What are your values & expectations?

Your intrinsic motivation,and ability to motivate others, is dependent upon the alignment of your personal and professional values.


How do you know that people understood your intentions? How do you communicate so that people feel cared for?

To be heard requires the conveying of a clear, consistent and inclusive message.



How do you come across to others?
Why do they react the way they do?

You may not be conscious of the impact you have on others - whether positive or negative.


What is holding you back?
What is preventing you to act?

Obstacles need to be identified before they can be overcome. This will enable you to focus.

Common Personal Barriers
overcome in thinking sessions

Difficulty motivating





Difficulty facing conflict 

Making hard choices


 Situational analysis

Desire to redefine yourself 

Becoming your ideal self

Need for private life   Trouble setting boundaries

Sandra Molies Thinking Partner

Unlock your
and grow

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Working Together

Comments From Clients

Louise, Ireland

" I had not anticipated the impact working with Sandra would have on me. She has provided clarity of thought and surfaced some real internal challenges for me, which resulted in me addressing some key underlying issues which impact both my professional and personal life on a day to day basis. We worked on what was important "

Alexandra, France

" The crucial moment in my opinion is when you made me realize that I was able to make positive changes "

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